The Scene – Saskatoon

Any trip to Saskatoon, over the holidays or otherwise, is sure to be filled with good friends, good food and good times, and even with minus 40 degree windchills the social scene continues to stay alive.

For such a small city, there is an enviable number of hotspots to check out and I am always stoked to see what’s popped up in the meantime!  This year was no different.

There are always a few casualties and changes, like in the infamous closing of Lydia’s on Broadway – a local institution of many generations – where you could always count on a cold beer, a pool table and some groovy music.  Sadly, after years of great music and being a “home away from home,” they closed their doors. Moment of silence.

Lamenting aside, there are some notable ‘newcomers’ that deserve a highlight.


Bon Temps Cafe


I’ll always have a special spot in my heart and tastebuds for one of my favourite restaurants, Truffles, a perfectly French upscale bistro that I adore.  Owner and Chef, Lee Helman continues to curate a well-thought-out, lovely menu that speaks to my deep respect and love of all things French.  The casual hipness of the Spadina Freehouse endures, probably because of its welcoming vibe, great location and amazing staff.  Flint and Duck Duck Goose probably deserve a post all their own… always awesome, casually charming and indicative of the unique Saskatoon edge.  But I digress.

New to the Saskatoon scene, but already making its mark is the ‘Top Chef’ run, Ayden, on 3rd Ave downtown.  Read about it here.

And not so new but new to me, is the Bon Temps Café, a unique little addition to the scene, with it’s Cajun flair, and spicy staff.  Read about Bon Temps here.



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