Lovers of Marley – the Lovers Cabaret

This week, I’m looking forward to featuring an exciting show – Lovers of Marley, a new work presented by the Lovers Cabaret, a local initiative created by Vanessa Young, and produced by her stellar team: Ashley Sweett, Lineke Van Kleek, Allie Routledge, Meaghan Hewitt MacDonald, and Portia Favro, which features some amazing local talent.  The show promises to bring to the stage the passion and spirit, not to mention the enduring music, of one of the most influential musical souls in history.

Marley is the third instalment in an ‘Icon Series’ of shows that have been inspired by the life and loves of some of the great musical forces of our time – “Rock Gods” if you will.

Vanessa originally wanted to create a dance show that highlighted local talent and had a strong emphasis on Rock.  Right away, as she says, the obvious muse was Zeppelin.  So back in 2012, under her guidance and passion, the Lovers of Zeppelin hit the stage.  It was so well-received that the company expanded and went on to produce another show, based on another great force of Rock and Roll – the one and only Jimi Hendrix.

After the success of the first two shows, they had begun to make a name for themselves, and as she says, “…with growth comes opportunity,” – they could hire more dancers and they wanted to move forward but weren’t totally sure who to feature next… They needed inspiration from someone who was iconic, powerful and who could offer a “strong repertoire of music” that the audience wouldn’t tire of over the course of the show.

After some consideration, she settled on the great Rasta Lion King.

(Apparently his face is the 3rd most recognizable face in the entire world and in every country… After Jesus, and Ronald MacDonald.  Hmmm.)

Also, the shows were very different.  Zeppelin was primarily dance, while Hendrix became more theatre-based.  In her mind, Marley shows a nice balance of both.

This show boasts a multimedia performance style and is much larger than the others.   It includes a cast of almost 40 girls and features a diverse repertoire of dance styles. Some new and returning faces, these ladies have an impressive array of performance credits and are most excited about “showcasing the talent and 6 months of work.”

If life truly imitates art and art imitates life, then sometimes the lines between what is real can sometimes become blurred… but as in the words of Rodin,

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” – Auguste Rodin

Well, then such is the case with the Lovers Cabaret, not to mention their subject matter.

Just like the “Rock Gods” who inspire their work, the life of a dancer is fuelled by music, passion, and art.

And what is more real than a soul on fire?

I’m captivated by the concept and can’t wait to see this show come to life.

‘Lovers of Marley’ is playing this Thursday, Feb 6th and Saturday, Feb 8th, 2014 at the Rickshaw Theatre. You can get your tickets at:



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