White Slate – (Sip & Twirl Series)


Ha. Clean slates, new moons, springtime… I’m all for it.  It’s never a bad time for a fresh start.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the bottle that caught my eye this week is the little gem from a Naramata vineyard, aptly entitled White Slate.  Because you see, I don’t believe in coincidences.

There’s been a lot going on lately, and I was on a mission to be inspired… to turn the chaos from my spirit into crisp, clean words paired with a bottle of wine.   In my mind, though, I was hoping for a bottle that looked enigmatic and dark – something I could distract myself with by delving into the mystery of a new wine – something called, ‘The Agony of Living’, or maybe a tasty little shiraz titled, ‘Contemplating Darkness’… but alas, upon first glance, all I could see were the same old names lining the shelves.  And then, as I was about the give up and hit the vodka and gin, I ran right into the guy who was stocking the shelves with a nice little number called ‘White Slate’.  I had to laugh.

Ok, Universe.  Message received. I bought two.

I paired it with the ever-classic Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips and a large, pink wine glass to go with some heavy contemplation.

When will it stop happening to us?  As far I can see, no one is immune to this human condition, and yet no one has mastered it either.  Disappointment, joy, pain, loss, love, sadness, beauty all go hand in hand.  How can that be?

I was determined to try and breathe.

Though my heart was heavy, I swirled the light, clear, white wine and breathed in its freshness.  I closed my eyes and smelled a cool, fruity breeze on a hot summer day, sitting on a patio in an orchard in the Okanagan and for a moment I forgot it all.  Summer fruit and picnics and moments in the sun.  But as I took a sip and felt the cool, crispness reach my lips, I felt the bite of the tartness hit my tongue and I opened my eyes.  The flavour took over the reverie and I was brought back.  Acidic and bright, I wanted more.  Not unlike life.  A delicate balance. A sharp sweetness.

It’s what binds us, moves us… and heals us.  Knowing that each moment is the chance to begin again.  No matter how heavy our hearts, sometimes, amid the chaos of this life, we need to remember to stop for a second, close our eyes and breathe in the freshness so that we are ready to face the rest.

Every day, every morning, every MOMENT is a chance to start again – to rewrite the words on our page.  To catch up, give up, give in… a white slate.  Cheers.

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