Let the Summer Adventures Begin…

Well, we’ve been in and out of town, sipping and twirling around the concert circuit, on the road, representing our brands, and generally trying to catch up to life… But Wink is back, just in time for Summer!!

We’ve had some big changes… all good… and we’re ready to hit the ground running- (in flip flops!)

I’ve missed keeping you up to date with everything, but we’ve been taking on some fun new projects, making artist connections, and we have lots of exciting news on the sandy horizon.

So sit back, strap in, and let’s get going!

First Up: We had the Sly Business re-launch party at Guilt & Co on Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Mark (aka Sly Business) Ejack hit the stage with the sexy boys from the Chaperones- Alex Maher, Scott Tucker and Timmy Boom Bap.

It was a high-energy, hip-shakin; music makin, crazy night of old school hip-hop, funk and psychedelic rock. Not to mention some kickass cocktails! A fusion of awesomeness- and a great start to the pre-summer season!

The staff at Guilt & Co was groovy as always and a HUGE thanks to musical hostess extraordinaire, Tonye Aganaba for setting us up!

You can catch Sly performing every Tuesday at the August Jack on West 4th Ave for the super-popular ‘Mark Sly Collective’ with special guest, Daniel Klenner of Hey Ocean and Star Captains!


You’ll also be able to catch Sly Business at the Vine stage at the upcoming Khatsahlano Fest which is happening Saturday, July 12th!

Check out the full list of bands here: Khats Line Up


Second: Our buddies at Animal Nation have been on a huge kickass tour, opening up for Swollen Members and rockin’ North America for the past two months! They continue to make their mark on the canadian music scene with their crazy stage antics and sensational rhymes- always a fun show to be at!

Check out info about the tour here, as well their latest video, featuring, our very own, Sly Business, “Headphones, Drum Machines & Beats” – http://www.everydayinthelife.com/



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