Summer Love


Summer is not the time to work too hard! Unless it’s the kind of work that we love… because for us, summer is when we get to travel and taste the most.  Summer is for music festivals, wine tastings and new band promo tours, It’s for wickedly fun new menus to try and patio cocktails to sip in the sunshine… It’s for beaches near and far, and friends, new and old, and it’s for taking chances and falling in love and having strategy meetings outside with margaritas!

Summer is for remembering to dream up all kinds of fun things to do… and doing them, before the long, cold, rainy days of winter come back and force us inside, and we forget how much life the sun gives us…

Summer is an art, an artist and an audience- it witnesses our shenanigans, and inspires us to do more!

Let yourself not get bogged down with the lazy, hazy days, feeling anxious that you should be doing more… allow your soul to enjoy every moment and become inspired… there will come a time soon enough, when we’ll have to buckle back down, be consistent and cool, and breathe into the new life of the fall.

Until then – be free.  Allow yourself to dream, to create, and to reconnect.  These are not wasteful days, because they will fuel the work you will find yourself doing soon enough… when the summer sun is long gone. 🙂

– Megan


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