The Hottest One Night Stand In Town

Mistresses: The Encore – Saturday, September 6th at the Fox Cabaret


Admittedly, I’m more of a relationship girl… but there’s something about a true one-night-stand that can be super hot.  First glances…  first touch… first kiss… Deciding to let go and see where the moment takes you – wildness, lust.  All leading up to a hot, sweaty, passionate affair that’s often over far too soon.  This show was all of that, and more.

Having missed the original run back in July, I was thrilled when the Lovers Cabaret – Noir Series announced they would be taking the stage at the Fox Cabaret for one more performance.  Touting the show as burlesque, but knowing what some of these dancers are capable of, I was excited to see what would unfold on stage.  They did not disappoint.

This was no cheesy burlesque show or striptease, nor was it a raunchy display of gratuitous nudity – it was a raw, brave, brazen performance by dancers.  And it was hot.

What I love about these girls is that they perform with PASSION.

It was composed of 6 stories, loosely tied together by one (lucky) guy and the ‘mistress’ theme, exploring the complicated layers of deceit, lust, and vulnerability that can each play a role when secrets take hold of a relationship.  Each piece was unique to the dancer, showcasing a combination of raw sexuality and strong technique, and using the ensemble to bridge the storyline.

The first half was noticeably lighter than the second half – in a no-holds-barred kind of way.  It was pretty damn sexy, to say the least – some might say aggressively so.  But I loved that they didn’t try and mask the rawness onstage to try and dumb it down.  It was pure sex- and it’s ok for that to be a bit uncomfortable.

There was a nice contrast when Miss Bettie Fever surfaced in a semi-comic, traditional burlesque number covered in balloons that popped away as she shimmied across the stage.  The true tease of it all, right down to the artful removal of her long satin gloves was a small relief and a brief reminder that we were, indeed, in a theatre, and not, in fact, peering into the lustful bedrooms of strangers.


The second half had a definite darkness to it, featuring a guest performance by Miss Ashley Sweett, whose portrayal of ‘the wife’ was violently passionate, and totally gut-wrenching.

All of the ladies were smoking hot and incredibly talented, each bringing a style and a sparkle to the stage all their own.

[Side note:  Portia Favro’s Marilyn-inspired birthday dance – hot. Hot. HOT.  With the deep bass and her smoldering confidence, the stage was electric. ‘Nuff said.]

Vanessa Young was the consummate hostess, charming, sexy and sweet, and riveting as a performer.  Throughout the evening she could be found both on and off the stage, taking special care to embrace all the nuances of her many roles as owner and creator, dancer… mistress.

This was a performance that nudged at the boundaries of dance and elevated the underworld of burlesque.  In the spirit of the burlesque-promise, the costumes were barely-there, there were a few nipple tassels and a chair dance at the end… but do not be fooled, this was so much more than all that.  The talent of this company does not go unnoticed.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next – on the horizon is the third show in their Icon series, “The Lovers of Queen”.  Auditions took place this past weekend.

Throughout the evening drinks were served, cabaret-style, and thank God for that.  With all that sex on display, there were definitely a few squirms in the audience at times.  In my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.  Dance, theatre, any kind of performance should incite a visceral response.  Think differently, be uncomfortable, get turned on – feel something!

Mission accomplished.  All in all, a great night, with great company.

Besides, there’s nothing I love more than a good chair dance.

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