Holiday Spirits (Aaaah… Too Soon!)

Holiday Season is upon us…?  Can it be?

Every year, the pressure seems to come sooner and sooner.  Wasn’t it just summertime? Was our LA tour not mere weeks ago?  I was told the other day that it’s because I’m getting old – that time seems to fly by faster as you age.  Gee thanks. That’s helpfuul.

Well, like it or not, the holiday season is here.  Better start getting in the spirit, Mr. Grinch.


Between work assignments, home and family, event planning and the perpetual struggle to find everyday balance, it’s sometimes hard to know which end is up!  The key is to draw upon some timeless wisdom to embrace this (ridiculously early) holiday time and not succumb to the ‘pressure’.  (pours herself a gin)

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw…

“When life gets this confusing, sometimes there’s only one thing to do… Attend a fabulous party.” 

Which is exactly what I did.

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of sampling some new and very exclusive vodka and gin, at an event put on Vancouver’s Gentleman, Prevail, at Harrison Galleries in Yaletown.  Some of the city’s cocktail masters treated us to finely crafted concoctions, using the elusive Potocki Vodka and Sacred Gin, and I won’t lie, after the second (perfect) martini poured by Brendan Wooldridge of the Refinery, I felt myself starting to relax.  Brendan’s martini involved some very serious smoked olive oil mist, and a savoury onion and thyme to finish.  I wish I could remember all the details, but alas… did I mention I had two?

My other favourite was from our very own Mr. Mark of Sly Business fame, and face of the Donnelly original Bimini Pub in Kitsilano.  Mark served up a refreshing ode to our Wink Productions West Coast Tour – the ‘West Coast Basil Smash’ – a flavourful mix of vodka, muddled basil, lemon, and ginger, shaken (vigourously) and topped with peach bitters.  A few of those with my eyes closed, and I could have been on the pool deck of Le Petit Ermitage again.  Suddenly the holidays seemed very far away indeed.  When I opened my eyes, I swear I saw a little sparkle…

[Currently, as rumours go, Potocki Vodka and Sacred Gin aren’t readily available, except at my favourite candy store – Legacy Liquor, in Olympic Village.  But now that the who’s who of the Vancouver cocktail scene have fallen in love with these products, I would imagine Prevail is going to have his hands full fixing that.]

The moral of the story is to run. don’t walk, to your nearest liquor store, lounge or living room… shake up something sassy and pour it over ice.  Close your eyes, take a sip.. and let that holiday spirit hit you.


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