Miss Me Yet – Kitsilano

“A Tale of Ten Tapas” or “The Champagne Diaries”


My birthday was coming… or rather, it was birthday “season”, as I like to call it, and I needed someplace to celebrate.

As you might guess, I’m big on birthdays.  I’ll never understand those of you who like them to pass quietly and unnoticed, under the radar, without attention.

Birthdays are special – the one time of year that is just for you!  Screw being afraid to age, where’s the fun in that?  It should be a time to reflect on who you’ve become and what you’ve accomplished, to acknowledge the special people in your life who make up your own, unique world and to look forward to continuing on the adventure that is your life… why not celebrate your face off?

(To be clear, the celebration doesn’t have to be huge, or elaborate, or expensive,  just special.  Whatever that means to you, in whatever space you happen to be in.)

So then, back to business… Like I said, I needed someplace to celebrate…

As I was mentally flipping through the usual suspects in my list of favourite hotspots over drinks with my brother, we ran into a handsome friend of his – a guy named Amos.  Amos told us about a cool new place he was working at that had just opened in Kits (close to home,) with a fun atmosphere (a pre-requisite,) delicious cocktails, tapas menu and wine on tap… (SOLD!) It was called Miss Me Yet on Broadway at about Alma and I was intrigued.

There was something charming in the name… it caught my attention.  I’m also a big believer in vibes, and let me tell you, Miss Me Yet has the VIBE.

From my first email back from the owner, Duran, confirming the party, to the moment we stumbled out into the street in a happy, champagne-induced bubble, we were treated as guests and welcomed as friends.

Duran’s beautiful co-owner/partner/love, Cene, explained to us that the concept was like an extension of their own living room – a place for friends to gather, eat, live and enjoy – and it felt like just that.

Duran and Cene are hands-on, cooking, hosting, pouring wine… it really felt as though we were guests in their stylish home.  The champagne was flowing all night – (as were the beers, wine and cocktails) – and it was a truly lovely first visit.


The room reflects them, in all its little nuances.  Fun, kitschy elements adorn the walls – a distinct personal style, like a collection of little pieces of their souls, and a giant carving of the world ‘love’ sits proudly on the counter.

The menu is a come-as-you-are selection of beautiful charcuterie, tapas for sharing and selected (and perfected) entrees like lamb shank, gourmet mac and cheese and spicy burgers.  Every bite felt warm and welcoming – with a kick of spice to get the party started!  The aromas of spicy chorizo and garlic that came from the open-style kitchen space were enough to get you drooling, (must love garlic,) and there were more than enough stunningly-crafted cocktails to wash it all down.


(photo- wink)                                                             (photo – from yelp)

Our server, Holly, was wonderful, especially in the chaos of a large, intoxicated group, and Cene, Duran, Amos, and the rest of their team were the consummate hosts all night long.

It’s fun.  And special.  Needless to say, it was perfect.

Sure, it was in the glow of my birthday, but as far as dining experiences go, this was top-notch.

In this city, new hotspots come and go but I have high hopes for this one.  Miss Me Yet will be everything – a local’s hangout, an eclectic meeting of the minds, a successful first-date and, of course, a place for celebration.  I can’t wait to go back… the garlic is calling… and the lamb shank (ohhhhh the lamb shank…)

It’s been just over a week… and I miss ya already.


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