Part of the ‘Noir Series’  by the Lovers Cabaret

Bless me Father, for I have synned.

But Goddamn it, I would do it again. And again, and again.

I could try and blame the wine, the candlelight, or the sexy, pulsating music, but I’d be lying. I did it with a handsome date, a room full of strangers, 5 extremely hot ladies and their entire ensemble.

I wanted it.  I embraced it.  And man, it was good.

Like Eve and her apple, I’d been lured to the venue with the temptation of a sexy show but I wasn’t totally prepared for the intensity or the sultriness we were about to experience.  The anticipation in the room was palpable.  It was a cool Vancouver night, but it was about to get HOT and steamy inside the Fox.

Syn is the latest creation in the Lovers Cabaret Noir Series and runs every Wednesday night through April at the Fox Cabaret 2321 Main Street .  It’s pretty interactive, which usually makes me uncomfortable, but there was no escape.  It was clear that these ladies were about to have their way with us, so I gave in.  Although a bit distracting at times, having the dancers in the crowd as well as onstage amplified the energy in the audience and compelled us to participate.  These girls wanted to play… and so did we.

The show follows the journey of 5 Goddesses as they descend to earth in an attempt to explore and expand their carnal knowledge.  There was a sinister playfulness as they manipulated the lives and bodies of the humans they were drawn to, ultimately stirring up a ton of trouble.  They transported us through the ages to showcase some veritable meccas of dance – from Paris to New York City, Cuba to the clubs – with expert choreography and style.

This is no amateur-hour burlesque revue.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – these girls are professionals and they can dance. Refreshingly self-aware with a confident edge, the collaborative style of the Lovers Cabaret is strong even if, at times, the narrative loses its focus a bit. (Mind you, any inconsistencies are easily forgiven when you decide to pour an entire bottle of champagne all over Miss Portia Favro.  That was pure gold.)

Rachel Routledge was a stand-out, as the Goddess of Wrath, with her sly humour and sexy style.  She has a cohesive combination of raw talent, power, attitude and sex-appeal that always commands attention.

Producer, Director and resident hot-tamale, Vanessa Young, was impossibly sexy, but her hotness is elevated by her innate sense of movement and profound connection to her body.  (I’d love to see her do a solo-show sometime… just sayin… but I digress.)

Having already proved their dancing chops and a high level of talent, this company is one to watch.

Seriously, get your tickets now.

(For tickets, go to:

This show is super intense and bound to get your blood and juices flowing.  Not to mention that the Fox is a rad and unique venue with a dark and dirty past.  You should definitely check it out.  (We need more places like this in Vancouver.)

The evening was a total whirlwind but completely satisfying.  When it was all over, let’s just say I needed another stiff drink, and a cigarette – and I don’t even smoke.


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