Lovers Of Zeppelin – Part One


Several years ago, the Lovers Cabaret hit the Vancouver scene with the first in what has become their “Icon Series” with Lovers of Zeppelin.  This show, just as it denotes, delved into the lives and loves of the members of the inimitable rock legend – Led Zeppelin.  Known as the true pioneers of Rock, Zeppelin’s fame is legendary and their story, from the moment they began to rise, embodies to its purest extent – Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll.

What makes the rise and ‘fall’ of Zeppelin so profound is the transformative impact they truly had on the world.  Beatlemania was at its height and they burst into a musical landscape that was saturated with the beat-scene, pop and surfer music and instead, without notice, they served up blow-your-mind, soul-shaking, unadulterated ROCK.

There was a freedom to it all – a release.

Now, decades later, the world has changed dramatically, that landscape of music has evolved and shifted, but Zeppelin remains the pinnacle of Modern Classic Rock and bands everywhere aspire to catch even a glimpse of a moment-that-resembles-something-that-might-come-close.  Perhaps this is why, after mounting shows dedicated to Hendrix, Marley & Queen, the Lovers Cabaret was compelled to revisit this magical, almost elusive icon for their most recent show at the Rickshaw Theatre.

Vanessa Young, Director and Producer of the Lovers Cabaret has told me that she has “just a full-blown love of Led Zeppelin music,” and with their growing success as a company, it was now possible to produce this path-shifting show with a “bigger stage, bigger cast, and bigger vision to tell the story the way I always envisioned it.”

 “The first show we only had a cast of 12 telling the story, with minimal multimedia. This time around we have a cast of almost 40, and we have built in our own multimedia to the show. We created a mockumentary featuring Pamela des Barres… [aka Miss Pamela, the original ‘Groupie’] …telling the story of the band in 5 sections, the birth, sex, drugs, rock and roll and the death. This is really the vision I always had with the show, but didn’t have the team/resources/facilities to make it happen. So this time feels special to really bring to life something new with the concept!” – Vanessa Young

11220124_1081965578514178_137043712942472401_n  12295386_1086229808087755_1034611812581173158_n

And, so the story was brought to life… again.

The Lovers of Zeppelin ran November 19-21st, 2015 and featured almost 40 local performers who laid their sweet little rock n’ roll souls on the stage of the Rickshaw Theatre.

It was fun, it was sexy, it was powerful.

There was a freedom in the choreography and a commitment to the performance that spoke to the generation of the time.  It was a generation that demanded a “new kind of music” – and a time that desperately needed that release.

Onstage, there were so many standouts, I wouldn’t know where to start, but definite honourable mentions go to:  Emma Willey, (hands down); Sarah Corrigan, as Natalie; Fiona Matthews, as Lilith; and Monica Gutierrez, as one of the wives.

Camille Hannah, as Amber, brought her usual raw sexiness, but this time really gave it to us.  I couldn’t take my eyes away.

On screen, we got to meet Pamela des Barres, perhaps the original Penny Lane, now a grown woman.  As one of the most famous Groupies of the time we were able to discover it all over again, through her eyes, as a complement to the dancers… “We were part of the music,” she says at the start, a truer statement never spoken.

The magic of Zeppelin, is that we are all “part of the music.”

And with the Lovers Cabaret, we are all part of the show.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my recap… [read Part Two here]



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