From Bond With Love

At the Fox Cabaret – July 7th- 9th, 2016


We were definitely “feeling hot and feisty” this past weekend at the FoxFrom Bond With Love hit the scene in an unforgettable performance by our local tour-de-force dance company, the Lovers Cabaret.

The highly-anticipated show was company-member/choreographer/co-superstar, Portia Favro’s first full-length production, in the multifaceted role as co-creator (along with Vanessa Young,) and her concept left us shaken, stirred and in a delightful afterglow, worthy of even James himself.

There are certain things you know you’re going to get at a Lovers Cabaret show – sexy dancers, an integrated storyline and some raw talent, but each show definitely has its own style and flavour, and this one was SO. MUCH. FUN. Right from the go-go at the get-go.

Featuring an array of sexy-styles, from some legitimate go-go and surf-scene moves to reimagined burlesque and even an audience-featured trio of actual lap dances, (wow, Portia Favro… you took it there…!)  The show moved us through the decades, highlighting the profound and varied talent of everyone involved, and the epic concept of the Bond Girl battle at the end was perfect.

It was a perfect combination of a hard-hitting dance performance & a James Bond wet-dream-fantasy-extravaganza, and there was a freedom to it that felt fresh and new.

Best one yet.

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