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When I’m in LA, whether it’s for work or for pleasure (although my “work” in LA is often pretty pleasurable,) I have a little routine… my first stop is always the lovely Petit Ermitage – a West Hollywood sanctuary that has delectable tapas on its rooftop terrace, charming staff/décor, with champagne and sunshine by the pool.  (If I didn’t have to work, I’d truly never leave.)  You can rest and regroup, forget you’re in the heart of the city at all…  until you’re ready.


With renewed zest, I like to hit my favourite hotspots and dives, places like Koi, Harlow and Boardners that are always quintessential LA, and then spend time exploring what’s new in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills – (maybe ending the night at the Warwick for an overpriced cocktail and plenty of eye-candy.)

But there’s the odd time, I get ‘stuck’ downtown for a conference or meetings, and although the city of angels has certainly done a lot to vamp up the downtown – the LA Live complex, for example, provides a lot more options lately – but it’s still pretty stiff.

Personal highlights might have been the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill – not-surprisingly consistent and delicious – and the fact that LA seems to still be pretty obsessed with turning anything into a slider… which I adore.  But this time, I discovered two noteworthy new options.

The first, was the rooftop at the Luxe Hotel.

The Luxe City Centre is a boutique hotel kiddy corner to the LA Live mega-event centre and a really good option for rooms.  Moreover, it has a sweet, rooftop lounge, the niXon global kitchen & patio lounge, which has a swanky, but relaxed ambiance, with delicious food and a refreshing cocktail menu.  My favourite, hands-down was the Pear Martini – (Grey Goose, pear purée, citrus… yum) – shown here:

IMG_5180 - Copy

Small bites, pre-dinner cocktails, or an afternoon reset – I’d recommend slipping up here to escape the heat and enjoy the cooling mist machines and great LA service!


I’d love to hear what your favourite little hotspots are! Tweet me @meganemichael 

Next Up: ‘Industriel’ – STAY TUNED!

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