Industriel – LA Hotspots

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In the heart of downtown LA, there’s a hot little spot called Industriel, that will pique your interest and your tastebuds and take all the pretention out of typical LA-dining.  Hip, quirky and stylish, Industriel is comfortably edgy with great staff, hot bartenders and cocktails that are on-point.

It was a busy night (and we were a handful of a table,) so there were a few inconsistencies… but from where I was perched, with a great view of the room, and (several) cocktails in hand, I had a perfectly excellent time.

The cocktail list is based on some odd TV shows and characters, which is fun – and the flavours were unique. In this day and age of advanced mixology, it’s nice to find some new little surprises to try!

Our generous host went ahead and ordered the entire appetizer list, and they were all fresh and funky twists on tapas.  My favourite were the lamb chops and the short rib croquettes – and well, the oozing, sumptuous baked brie – but that’s a given.

They had some strange and wonderful salad options, like the cauliflower with dates and preserved lemon, and the water melon/cactus offering with thai basil, mascarpone and achiote emulsion… (whhhhat?)  But the highlights were by far the entrees…

Everything looked amazing, but we settled on the Duck Confit, the Pork Belly, and the Skirt-steak…

The 6 oz Skirt Steak was perfectly grilled– served with a hearty combo of tamarind steak sauce, smoked onion puree, and duck fat potato; and the Pork Belly was a sexy balance of rich, fatty pork with a crispy outer layer – it was described as, “wheat beer braised, with celery, peaches, peanut jam, honey rice wine gastrique”… (I don’t know if we got ‘all’ those flavours, but the pork belly itself was stellar.)

But… the Duck Confit… I’m still day-dreaming about it…

A beautiful confit duck leg, with a simple maple Dijon glaze and paired with swiss chard and grits.  It was topped with the most perfectly poached egg, that oozed all over the dish and made each mouthful sensuous and rich… too much? Should I stop…?  Oh no. it was that good.

No offense, “everything else”, but I’ll be in the corner with this one.

In short… go.

LA hotpsots are a dime a dozen, but this one is worth the jaunt.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have to book a plane ticket to California.

[quirky and fun surprises, around every corner!]





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