Down the Rabbit Hole… (Toronto)

I needed a change.

I love VanCity and my life there is pretty fine, but I’m a dreamer, a wanderer – and lately I’ve become unsettled… Let’s just say it’s been awhile since I’ve chased a rabbit.

So I hopped on a plane to the ‘big city’- sorry Vancouver, but it’s true. Toronto is BIG.

I arrived without incident, hopped in a (very pricey) cab, and headed straight downtown to King West to stay with my brother. Little did I know, he lived inside a rabbit hole, and in the manner of a true, self-fulfilling prophecy, I was poised to fall right in.

It’s truly been a whirlwind- where do I even begin? Through the looking glass, inspiration has been all around… I’ve been in town less than a week, and I’ve been to more hotspots than I can handle! If only we could slow down enough to take it all in…

The cocktail culture here is enviable. I’d know, because I envy it.
But what is it that stands out?

Well, like I said, Toronto is big. It has a thriving, multicultural scene. It embraces its artists, renegades, neighborhoods and the personalities of its streets.
The speakeasy scene is eclectic and integrated, and hotspots are shamelessly smattered through plain old neighborhoods, and sidestreets, There are surprises waiting down back allies and through unassuming warehouse halls… And yet, when you do manage to make it through each little locked door, there is an instant (and unexpected) lack of pretension, only a well-groomed cocktail, in a some sort of lovely little glass, to welcome you.

And with each sip of your carefully-crafted cocktail, you can feel yourself sinking deeper into wonderland… Not caring about the outcome, exactly, but being lured into the experience.

More to come… SO much more… Including my FAVOURITE hotspots and best bites!

Stay tuned…


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