Hotspot – Keefer Bar

Ahhhhh Keefer Bar, you still have my heart.

Like any good fling worth its allure, I don’t see you as regularly as I’d like.

I think about you often though, and talk about you to my friends, reminiscing fondly about how fun you were the last time we got together.  When we’re apart, you fill my thoughts, and I casually wonder when I’ll see you next, imagining every moment.  It never feels like pressure, I like how low-maintenance you are – but we’re always happy to see each other when we get the chance.

On weekends, while I’m always anxious to chill out, (and watch football in my yoga pants,) an unexpected invite to go and see you is one of the few things that will make me suddenly change my mind.  (Sometimes you even inspire be to be spontaneous on a week night,  in spite of a long day of work.)

I’ve been in and out of town lately, visiting other lounges, and I haven’t seen you in awhile, so the suggestion to drop by the other night was exactly what I needed to keep the feelings alive.

You’re one of the few places in town that I’m happy to wait for a coveted spot at the bar – because that’s truly where the action is.  Your bartenders craft some mean cocktails – and look damn fine doing it.  You’ve got all the ingredients to keep it interesting – literally.  Bitters, tinctures, fruit essences and an array of complex concoctions to ease even the most profound melancholy.  Not to mention the most beautiful presentation.  Just what the Doctor ordered.


Like all good lovers, you feel exciting and intimate all at once.  Even when I know I should restrain myself, I always want just a little bit more…

Whether it’s a group-thing, a long, romantic date, or just a quickie before a movie, I always leave satisfied – especially after a few enticing cocktails and those damn duck sliders-  (my weakness, and possibly one of the best snacks in town.)

Oh well, a few bad decisions never hurt anyone…

And maintaining this affair is definitely not the worst choice I’ve ever made.

See you next time!

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