Green Lake – Solo Collective


“Beautiful words.”

That’s what Green Lake is.

Written by Katey Hoffman and Directed by Rachel Peake, the play feels casually voyeuristic as we peer into the spirit of a young girl, who goes away to camp for the first time and becomes… more.

It’s a subtly intimate ‘coming-of-age-without-knowing-it’ tale – a lovely, layered moment in time.

Jane, played by Alexandra Lainfiesta, is a sweet girl with a poetic soul from a broken home.  Her aspirations exceed her situation.  She meets Skittles, (Kayla Deorksen,) the quirky camp counselor, who immediately takes her under her wing.

Over the course of the summer, through personal challenges and shared intimacy, they share pieces of each other as they both struggle to find their space in the world.  Their bond is electric.

There is a truth to this work that shines through.  The narrative is straightforward and evokes a certain nostalgia; the language – specific.  With a strong cast, also featuring Donna Soares and Michael Scholar Jr., and focused choices,  this is a lovely story that doesn’t need a bunch of distraction.

There is also rhythm to the script, a cadence, that flows like the ripples on a lake.  It ends up informing, not only the phrasing, but the movement and set as well.


I enjoyed watching the stage become alive with simple moments of connection and tiny surprises.  I loved, for instance, when Jane slid under the set into her ‘bunk bed’ and how it effortlessly became a coffee counter or a cliff.  Yvan Morissette’s design was simple and stunning, and the cast was effective in shaping the space, without overusing it.

Rachel Peake’s method as a Director varies, but she holds the highest regard for the story, that much is clear.  Understanding and building the narrative is tantamount to discovering the movement, which ends up beautifully framing Katey’s script.

You only have a few more days to catch Green Lake at Performance Works on Granville Island, and I definitely recommend it.

It’s a compelling show from Solo Collective, and a fine escape from a rainy evening.



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