“The Storm”


aka #snowpocalypse2016

Ahhhhhh yes, when snow falls on the West Coast, chaos ensues.

The city basically shuts down.  Busses immediately get jackknifed in the middle of main thoroughfares, Universities cancel exams, traffic is nuts, and you can’t get from Kitsilano to downtown Van without a sherpa.  Moreover, the rest of country laughs.

5 inches of snow.  Big, fluffy snowflakes that melt almost immediately.

It’s amusing.  Sure.

But here’s the thing… it may only be a ‘teeny’ change in weather, but if you’re coasting along, at a West Coast pace, sipping your Starbucks and grumbling about the rain, you can silently slip into a state of cool complacency, and THEN… this ‘teeny’ alteration throws you right off.  Completely. And everything must stop.

A direct parallel to life, really… if you don’t notice that you’ve spent so much energy grumbling about the rain that you’ve forgotten to walk by the beach and notice the mountains, or you get too busy running from apartment to bus to office to meeting, that you haven’t even stopped for a sip of champagne?  Instead, you keep trudging along, in the uneventful day-to-day, wasting your energy on people who don’t matter and slipping into that same state of complacency, until a mere 5 inches of the unexpected forces you to freak out and shut down.

It doesn’t take much.  Trust me.

So here we are, ‘stuck’ inside watching movies, ordering pizza and writing… well, at least that’s what I’m doing…

And I realize that this little shake-up is exactly what we/I may need.

“All great changes are preceeded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra

Those 5 inches of snow and life have forced me to stop for a second and take inventory of how I’ve been spending my time and my energy, and it’s worth a second look.  I mean, if it’s this easy for an entire West Coast city to shut down and be forced to reassess, then I suppose it’s time for me to do it too.  If life can throw you off with a little surprise snowfall, then perhaps it’s time to consider just how engaged you are in that life.

Maybe the storm was always coming, but you forgot to watch for it.

So, eat your pizza, do some soul-searching and the immediately-melting snowflakes will continue to fall from the sky.  The good news is, you will come out of this ‘storm’… as you have before…  you just need to take a minute, have that little freak out, and reassess. Because, as everyone else can clearly see… it’s really not as big as it seems.

What is big, is your life, your purpose.  It’s time to get back on track.

Besides, if you don’t even have time for a sip of champagne… then what’s even the point?





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