Collaborative Chef’s Dinner

What’s better than ONE amazing Chef cooking you a fabulously decadent meal…?
Why, two amazing Chefs, of course!

For their third anniversary, the handsome team at Au Comptoir has decided to join forces with their talented friends at La Quercia to celebrate their firm place in Vancouver’s dining scene and present an incomparable seven-course meal, paired with wine.


Au Comptoir is our not-so-secret favourite hotspot, (and wine bar, meeting-place, vogue-reading-solo-breakfast nook, brunch with friends, lunch and dinner…) three years and counting, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

Bringing together two fabulous Kitsilano restaurants will be the night of the season!

The menu looks amazing, the wine pairings are sure to be perfect, and hey – if France and Italy can break bread together in celebration, can’t we all just pour a glass of something and get along…?

Make your reservations now, as they are sure to sell out in a hot Parisian- minute (which is handsome, casually-aloof and filled with champagne, in case you were wondering.)

Tickets & Information can be found here



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